Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Platform Updates

We have been quiet, but we have been busy! We just rolled out a new set of features to the public site. The changelog in short:

Improved overview and search

We optimised the page flow and rearranged elements in the accommodation overview page, leaving more space for extra information such as property surface which is now included even in the overview. The search page uses state of the art HTML5 features of browsers that support it (Firefox, Chrome, IE9…), further reducing query times to sub-second responses.

More places of interest in a neigborhood

Interesting places in a neighbourhood which are displayed in an exposé extend now farther than before and the limit is increased to 150 entries. Such a long list is of course not easy to handle, so we added new grouping features that allow a quick overview of the important facilities in the neighbourhood and wider area.

And beyond

Of course we did not stop there! We added once more a slew of new reports such as price variance over time and feature and count of new accommodations or accommodations sold/rented per time and price unit, tweaked our JSON API to allow external sites to also write entries and increased the address resolution accuracy in provincial areas.

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